85 | Master Stylist

60 | Senior Stylist

35 | Junior Stylist

includes consultation, invigorating shampoo, signature relaxation massage, and complimentary heat styling of your choice

The best cut and grow out you will ever have! At Saint Salon, we believe using gender to label cuts and styles is outdated, therefore, we charge by the time it takes to create your style. This ensures you are getting charged properly for our artistry, and to not punish you for having long hair or a less intricate style.


regrowth | color

75 | Master Stylist

70 | Level 2 Stylist

for those that need just 'a touch up' at the scalp

regrowth and balance | full color

130 | Master Stylist

120 | Level 2 Stylist

for those that want to change their all-over natural color or those that need a regrowth touch up and refreshed ends

double process | lift and deposit

150 | Master Stylist

140 | Level 2 Stylist

solid blonde. for the blondest of all blondes. lighten and tone. we'll blonde you like we mean it!

color melt

150 | Master Stylist

140 | Level 2 Stylist

that multidimensional blend from dark to light color, over the whole head. you have seen it, loved it, now get it!

glaze | toner

40 | 30 w/highlight  Master Stylist

40 | 30 w/highlight  Level 2 Stylist

a little bit of color goes a long way. adds more warmth, shine, protection, and all of the above without shifting the depth of your natural hair. perfect for those new to hair color. no commitment, rendezvous with a glaze as you please

fantasy color | vivids | mermaid hair

220 | Master Stylist

210 | Level 2 Stylist

boom. the most colorful of the colorful. live wild and free.

color correction

100 per hour

oh no, what happened? don't worry, we got you. with educated hands, kindness, and years of experience, you will love your hair again. color corrections are time consuming and it is an intense process that uses various techniques and costly products. hourly charge is priced in your favor. everything included


the OG (original gangster) foil. time tested and trusted throughout the years. we need not say more about this classic, but we will! from the high highlights, to the low lowlights, you can't go wrong with any  combination you choose for dimensional color throughout your hair (and if you do we will stop you and suggest a more fitting color, that's what we are here for)

traditional foil | face frame

85 | Master Stylist

75 | Level 2 Stylist

a few kisses of light, focusing foils around the frame of the face

traditional foil | partial 

120 | Master Stylist

110 | Level 2 Stylist

a nice burst of light, focusing foils where the sun naturally hits the head, from the occipital bone and above

traditional foil | full foil

150 | Master Stylist

140 | Level 2 Stylist

a generous amount of foils all over the whole head to create contrast and brighten your hair


hand painted goodness. hand painting creates a natural, 'lived-in' look. dimension is kept at the scalp, incorporating highlighted pieces while delivering the most lightness and brightness, on the ends. the more painted pieces, the overall lighter your hair will be. with balayage you have a blended grow out and less upkeep. a favorite amongst those that want less maintenance

balayage | face frame

100 | Master Stylist

90 | Level 2 Stylist

a few kisses of light, hand painted around the frame of the face

balayage | partial

160 | Master Stylist

150 | Level 2 Stylist

a nice burst of light, hand painted where the sun naturally hits the head, above the occipital bone

balayage | full

185 | Master Stylist

175 | Level 2 Stylist

hand painting that lightens the whole head


 foils for days (emphasis on the 'days' part). Saint's signature lightening service. a million foils and tiny weaves through every inch of your hair, blending your natural color and lightened pieces meticulously. this creates a natural grow out, and believable color on any level of lightness or tone. no harsh lines during grow out. no harsh lines, period. be as light as you want, believably

babylights / micro foil | face frame

100 | Master Stylist

90 | Level 2 Stylist

the sweetest of sweet kisses of light around your face and a few sprinkled on your crown for good measure

babylights / micro foil | partial

160 regrowth | Master Stylist

150 regrowth | Level 2 Stylist

 225 - 240 scalp to ends

tiny weaves strategically placed around the face, the crown of your head, and anywhere above the occipital bone. more dimension is left between foils, mostly where the sun doesn't shine. it's okay to laugh, we are only serious about how amazing your hair looks

babylights / micro foils | full

190 | Master Stylist

180 | Level 2 Stylist

270 - 285  scalp to ends

tiny weaves through every inch of your hair using Saint Salon's signature micro foiling technique to create the lightest, brightest, and boldest blonde. a favorite amongst those that love being 'all over blonde' and want to extend time between services, without having the harsh grow out of a double process blonde


signature saint blow dry 

50 | Master Stylist

40 | Level 2 Stylist

feeling fancy? allow us the pleasure of styling your beautiful self! enjoy an invigorating shampoo followed by a relaxing massage as we condition your tresses. round brush style to follow

bring the heat!

55 | 45  Master Stylist

45 | 25  Level 2 Stylist

our signature Saint blow dry with heat styling. your choice, curls or flat iron. go ahead, shine bright, we love it xoxo

those braids

65 | Master Stylist

50 | Level 2 Stylist

channel your inner Khaleesi with ethereal, boho braids. you know 'those braids', they live on instagram and pinterest, now they have found dwelling on your head

 glamorous occasions | up-styles and more

90 | Master Stylist

65 | Level 2 Stylist

walk the red carpet wherever you go with our personalized styling for times to remember. bonus points if you just want to glam up and sit at home to binge on Netflix. complimentary consultation required by phone or in person

editorial styling

per hour or per project/shoot | please inquiry about rates

owner and master stylist, Donna Sudweeks, specializes in freelance creative styling. she has years of experience working behind the scenes for avant-garde fashion and boudoir shoots. her styling techniques bring out models charm and allure in front of the camera. having owned 4ten media, a multi media company, she can execute expressing your vision or guide you in a new direction if you seek to create a new one




stand alone treatment

35 alone | 55 with blow dry style

 used as healing cutting lotion only


olaplex | add-on service with color



What is Olaplex? Olaplex works on a molecular level to seek out broken bonds in the hair that are caused by chemical, thermal, and mechanical damage. You can use Olaplex to restore compromised hair, or add it to another service to provide the ultimate breakage insurance.

malibu c | moisture

15 | 10 w/service

delivers intensive moisture to nutrient-starved strand, deeply penetrates to restore dry, brittle hair

malibu c | protein

15 | 10 w/service

repairs elasticity to help prevent breakage, seeks out only weak strands of hair in need of repair

malibu c | shine

15 | 10 w/service

creates radiant shine and enhanced combability, tames frizzy, unmanageable tresses




this isn't just any kind of brow wax, this is a brow wax of sheer perfection. brows frame your face, we know how important they are. brows are the business



we can't promise it won't hurt, but we will be as gentle as possible. who knows you might even like it? well, you will love the hair free result at least




wax my whole face!


sure, sounds like fun. we got you. every little thing you can wax on your face. brows, lip, chin, the works


Due to the science of hair color, we can only guarantee our work if you use a professional shampoo and conditioner at home. Grocery store shampoo destroys hair color. Every client receives  complimentary education on how to maintain their color and chosen style at home to ensure your hair remains healthy and beautiful in between appointments.

Please note that prices are starting prices only and there may be additional charges added for length and thickness due to color use. It is our clients responsibility to request the price before the service starts.

We do not offer refunds. If you are not happy with your service, we will work you to to achieve your goal if you are not on the same page with us about the style you received, within reason.

Due to the nature of fantasy color and silver colored hair, please note they all eventually fade. Embrace the fade. Fading fantasy color transitions and turns into many other beautiful hues. Please be aware of this when booking these services.