As a proud Farmhouse Fresh Spa, our treatments are up to 100% natural and we use only naturally derived ingredients that are chock full of fruits, vegetables, milks, and more from U.S. farms.


Our signature Saint Salon custom massage includes a variety of massage techniques to achieve a sense of total well being. Choose from a variety of scent themes from the list at the bottom of this page, or personalize your own during your consultation.

30 min | 55
45 min | 75
60 min | 95
75 min | 110
90 min | 125

Hot Stone Massage

Warm basalt rock gently soothes muscle tissue to relieve tension and improve circulation.

75 min | 125

90 min | 145

Prenatal Massage

Thoughtful swedish techniques are used to support expectant mothers throughout their pregnancy. Must be at least 12 weeks pregnant.
60 min | 100
75 min | 120

Float Your Body Whipped Mousse CBD Massage

60 min | 120             75 min | 135            90 min | 150

BEST ENJOYED:  When you need a little nourishment 

THE MOOD: Head in the clouds

EXPERIENCE: A CBD massage helps people to relax faster and at a deeper level, making it possible for a greater release of stress. Release muscle aches and pains without any psychotropic effects. A light-as-air whipped body mousse kneading is yours for the taking! You’ll drift off into a sunny state of mind when skin is massaged with U.S. grown, non-GMO botanical oils to give you all the nourishing vibes. This fluffy blend is also abundant with vitamin C and full spectrum hemp oil rich with cannabinoids to bring out your most natural glow. Float on, friend!

Honey Harvest Glow Foot Treatment

30 min | 55

45 min | 75

BEST ENJOYED: Cozied up, and ready for a mega-moisture boost

THE MOOD: Let’s get glowing girls!

EXPERIENCE: Soak your feet in buttery whole milk and Chicory Root to warm and soften skin, before a vitamin E and Rice Bran Oil Sea Salt scrub banishes dead skin. A hot honey glaze (with live honey, pineapple and papaya cells) is drizzled all over your legs, feet and arms and hands, and they are nestled in a hot towel cocoon. Relax. Your trip to luxury ends with a rich shea butter massage fragranced with real vanilla and citrus, steaming under fresh towels. Let’s get glowing!


to any massage or body treatment

Hair’s To You Add-on Treatment

15 min | 20

EXPERIENCE: Hair dazzles in radiance! Add a relaxing sweet almond oil scalp treatment and scalp massage to your experience. This add-on helps relieve tension while also moisturizing and nourishing hair for the supreme replenishment.

Hot Stones 


(concentrated area)

Back or Foot Scrub


All Clear Sinus Soother

10 min | 15

EXPERIENCE: sinus pressure have you needing of a crisp pick-me-up? You’ve come to the perfect place. A rosemary-mint herbal compress steams complexion with sheer warmth and relaxation. Sore facial muscles that feel clogged receive a gentle agave nectar oil acupressure facial massage, rich with vitamin-e, so skin not only feels refreshed -- but also wonderfully hydrated.


Choose your massage, choose your scent!

View our list of scents below to choose from during your massage


All guests may choose one of our complimentary Farmhouse Fresh Scents to accompany their massage or they may choose a custom blended scent using high quality essential oils by Young Living. Unscented options are offered as well.

Quinsyberry® Botanical Body Oil

The scent is alluring and light – an apple blossom & tea note.

Red Hot Shandy Body Oil

A sultry-sweet gingerbread aroma.

Honey-Magnolia Body Oil

Let a hint of honey and magnolia flower envelop your body, with this beautiful vitamin-rich body oil that brings an instantly silky, soothing feel to skin.

Citrus Cilantro Body Oil

If you love a refreshing and light cut-grass scent, the Citrus-Cilantro body oil is the perfect delight!

Agave Nectar Body Oil

The scent is heavenly light - an oat/milk scent (comparable to a to-die-for tiramisu dessert).

Vanilla Bourbon Body Oil

The soft, warm notes of Madagascar vanilla and freshly distilled small batch Texas bourbon are a luxurious and delicious treat.

Clementine Body Oil

A glisteningly-sweet dreamsicle of ripe clementine oranges will lift your spirits!

Blushing Agave® Organic Body Oil

If you love our Agave Nectar Oil, you will love Blushing Agave®. The scent is similarly light and delicious, and reminiscent of red berries and cream.

Aromatherapy Massage

Choose from a variety of Young Living Essential oils like lavender, lemon, frankincense, orange, and other familiar favorites for a custom aromatherapy infused massage.

All services include complimentary :

  • aromatherapy treatment in our private elemental lounge for spa guests
  • alkaline and oxygenated water infused with vibrations from healing gemstones using our Vitajuwel Decanter
  • aromatherapy infused hot towels
  • a fine assortment of tea, coffee, cocktails, mocktails, flavored sparkling water, juice, soda
  • decadent treat of the week
  • at home self-care recommendations
  • shower on premises for your convenience

disclaimer : please note that our spa is located in our salon and, while we do our best to limit any noise disturbance during your session, you may hear the occasional sign of life in the distance. Please request in advance if you wish for a completely silent service when the salon is not taking other guests. We offer gentle white noise as well as soothing spa music to enhance your relaxation upon request.